WASHINGTON, May 28, 2019Buchanan & Edwards Inc., an award-winning and fast-growing technology leader creating transformative solutions for government customers, announced today that it has received official trademark status for its workflow platform, a customizable suite of proprietary financial management tools that provide federal customers greater process efficiency and effectiveness while supporting increased transparency and accountability. The ForceAnalytix™ Suite is based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.  Buchanan & Edwards is a Microsoft Gold partner that has previously won ‘Microsoft Federal Solution Partner of the Year’ for the ForceAnalytix™ suite. 

“We’re thrilled that this technology has achieved recognition for its distinguishable qualities,” said Eric Olson, CEO of Buchanan & Edwards. “Our goal from the beginning was to empower our customers with the ability to configure the platform’s capabilities to best fit their organizational needs, while creating a central space for them to monitor business processes. This technology is a huge differentiator and is improving the way our customers organize and manage their finances.”

The comprehensive ForceAnalytix™ suite integrates solutions for a variety of challenges, especially concerning workflow, contracts, correspondence and finance. With ForceAnalytix™, financial, administrative and communicative systems are centralized onto one application. The available modules facilitate budget formulation, contract management, invoice processes, large-scale correspondence and strategic sourcing analytics. Each component of the suite can function independently or together with the other components.

Individual modules’ capabilities can eliminate manual labor, paperwork and invoice late fees as well as improve response time to customer inquiries. When users synthesize each capability, ForceAnalytix™ ensures agency financial accuracy, accountability, security and transparency. By digitizing critical processes, ForceAnalytix™ increases organizational efficiency and serves as a valuable tool for the enhancement of internal and external relationships.

“ForceAnalytix™ has a number of features, including dashboards, the elimination of data entry, notifications and more that simplify the user’s experience, making it easier for our customers to manage their financial functions,” said Sean Spann, chief technology officer at Buchanan & Edwards. “By consolidating and digitizing workflows, ForceAnalytix™ improves our customers’ productivity without sacrificing cost-effectiveness or compliance.”

Real-time dashboards and visibility enable customers to closely monitor process performance, improving their ability to make more confident, mission-critical decisions, while managing risk and ensuring federal compliance. The dashboards present relevant reports on a centralized page updated in real time, accelerating the dissemination of internal information. The elimination of data entry allows for more efficient allocation of labor while facilitating easier access to historical records, improving accountability. Notification features ensure compliance within projects, allowing business processes to progress more quickly.

To learn more about ForceAnalytix™, visit https://bit.ly/2U6uccL.